Sunday, August 05, 2012

Summer 2012

Here is our last 4 months in pictures:

Tyler took a soccer class with a couple buddies and Coach Steve was so fun!
We visited family in Pocatello
Went to Scout Mountain for the day and the kids were in heaven running around everywhere
Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows

Took the boys to the Nature Center (a great free activity if you live in Boise)
Went with some friends to the YMCA family camp.  So many fun things to do.  Wish it would have been a little warmer to play in the water but sitting in a canoe was great too.
Tyler thought about climbing the rock was a good thought.
Josh made it to the top!
Josh did the Boise Ironman - a cold, rainy day that resulted in them shortening the bike portion of the race.  Bummer.  He still did a great job!

The kids were troopers waiting for him to finish
Tyler and Tanner must follow daddy around everywhere!
Tyler took swimming lessons
Tyler ran his first race!  It was a children's 1/2 mile in downtown Boise

Daddy got to run with him
We took the kids to the circus.  Tanner still talks about "elephant poops".  I guess that was the highlight!

We spend a lot of time at the surrounding parks and outside playing in the water to try and stay cool.

We went to some orchards and picked cherries.  Tanner couldn't pick and eat them fast enough.
4th of July at Great Grandma's farm in Wendell
Catching parachute guys out in the fields

Waiting for the fireworks to start

We went to the Wendell swimming pool and Tanner insisted he jump off the diving board.  He didn't do too bad.  (Thanks for your help Whitney!)
The kids LOVE to pick eggs out of the chicken coop
We went to the Oregon Coast for a lovely family vacation!  First stop - Multnomah Falls
Playing at a splash pad in Portland
Can't miss the Tillamook Factory ice cream
Cannon Beach
Dirty, sticky kids everyday
Tyler inside the lighthouse in Newport

Some great tide pools with starfish

Josh loved to run on the beach
We happened to be staying in Pacific City the weekend they had their "Dory Days".  We were lucky to have the parade come right in front of our house.  I think we ended up with at least 5 lbs. of candy.  It was great fun!

Playing paddleball on "our beach"

We have had a great summer so far!  There is still a lot left to do, plus we have nugget #3 coming in September.  So much to look forward to!

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